We are happy to help you to fulfil your requirements. The nurses we source from different countries such as Hungary, Romania, Italy, India & Philippines. They are grouped into two categories. EU nurses and Overseas Nurses. Please note that under the EU education system, the training of nurses is standardised for all EU countries.ie; A nurse from Hungary will be trained to the same level as a British nurse.

We focus on skills.

We are experts in skilled nurse sourcing and recruiting. We undertake permanent and temporary recruitment and staffing for

NMC Registered Nurses

These are nurses that have completed the NMC registration process and have a valid PIN number


These are fully qualified nurses currently undergoing NMC registration process and can be employed as nurses but will start off as senior nursing assistants or senior carers while waiting for their registration to be completed.


These are experienced EU nurses fully qualified to EU standards and registered in their home country currently working in hospitals abroad or in alternative UK employment, however, are willing to undergo the UK NMC registration process subject to suitable job offers from employers.

Overseas Qualified Registered Nurses

We can supply you with fully qualified Overseas Registered Nurses who meet all requirements of the NMC UK.